Infant Speed

Wishing all of my families who celebrate Chag Sameach!! Happy Passover!

“I would way rather stay in the infant’s world – at their pace. It’s where I’m truly at home and function best. When I leave my classroom each day, I have to brace myself and rev up for the rest of the world.”

These are not my words, but they are an apt reflection of my heart, and, I think (if you’re reading this), probably yours as well.

This is what draws people to RIE and holds them. Yes, it’s the community and the support and guidance…but the real magic of this Approach is slowing yourself down to infant speed. When we can offer that to children, to ourselves, and to one another, we all win. And the best part is, you can do it anytime.

That’s all today.

It’s enough, don’t you think?