RIE in the Wild

This is a class concept I developed in late 2020, after consulting with my doctor about the health and safety of resuming my traditional classes during the Covid outbreak. Unlike regular classes, these classes are held outdoors exclusively. I provide some climbing equipment and a limited selection of very simple (and easily washable) toys. In addition to exploring the toys, equipment and one another, children also explore the natural environment. Parents stay separated, but children are allowed to come close to one another. If necessary, just as in a regular class, I facilitate conflicts and mediate, modeling the Educaring Approach for parents…and there is ample time for discussion and questions.

In classes where children are sitting up independently, and if parents request it, I offer a snack of water and bananas…each group determines their level of comfort…in some groups I offer it communally, with children joining me on a blanket or at a small table. In other groups, each parent is given materials to offer a snack to their own child, on their own blankets. I either bring hand sanitizer and washcloths or a handwashing station (water and soap) so children clean hands thoroughly before eating.

Families are asked to be transparent about their health and safety practices and risk levels, so everyone in the group can make an informed choice about being in a group together.

For more information or to enroll, please email me!