Families on my mailing list are invited to bi-weekly open Zoom Chats, in which they are welcome to ask questions about the Educaring Approach and get general guidance and support. This service is offered free of charge: any donations are greatly appreciated, but never expected.

For families needing more in-depth guidance, I also offer private consultations. These are available on your schedule, booked for up to one hour at a time, via Zoom or phone.

If there is a struggle in a particular area (for instance, a mealtime, diapering, sibling interactions, getting into the carseat, etc.), it can be particularly helpful to send a short video so we can watch it together and discuss. (And I do know this might sound daunting…it is a vulnerable thing to film yourself in a challenging moment!! Please know my observations come from a place of support and understanding…no judgement!)

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please email me at