Handcrafted Wooden Stools

One of the hallmarks of a RIE snack is that it is served at a toddler sized table with toddler sized seats for children. The small stools we use provide children freedom of movement as they are the easiest for children to climb onto, allow their feet to easily and securely reach the floor, and lack a back which allows children to sit naturally very straight and securely. (As a bonus, if you don’t have a table yet (coming soon!), these stools can double as a small table!)

Our stools take a bit of a departure from the classic ones used in RIE classes; they are an updated version that weigh less, are easier for children to carry and move, and, perhaps best of all, are offered in a variety of styles to give parents choice about design and color.

We offer:

The Rustic, in pine. A light colored wood with lovely grain and natural knots. Very lightweight, but also softer and more prone to dents. $40

The Classical, in Red Oak with stripes of Walnut and Poplar. Very sturdy and stylish. $60

The Modern, in Walnut and Poplar with steel pillars. $80

All pieces are finished with a 100% safe, non-toxic, water-based sealant.

California Sales Tax/delivery not included – At this time, we’re only offering local delivery to residents in the San Fernando Valley.

To order, email me at melani@melaniladygo.com