One of the things that really startles and intrigues people when they see RIE children is their competence and ease with things we don’t expect infants and toddlers to be able to do…like drinking from an open cup, and even pouring their own water into a cup!

I admit, even I am pretty amazed, and I’ve been doing this for many years! It is wonderful to see what children are capable of when we give them the time and tools to succeed.

Of course, time and practice are required…

Which is why I provide glasses and pitchers for you to use at home, too!

The glasses are made by Duralex, are tempered glass and break-resistant, but the pitchers are a bit more fragile…in either case, however, these items should only be used under direct and close supervision.


Single Glass (3oz) – $7

Single Pitcher (6.5oz) – $5

1 Glass/1 Pitcher – $13

2 Glasses/1 Pitcher – $20

California Sales Tax/shipping not included (shipping is via USPS Priority, and is typically $8…local delivery/pick up is also available in the San Fernando Valley).

To order, email me at