About Me

I’m an early education and parenting specialist living in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. I first became intrigued with child development course I happened to take in the late 90’s, but the pieces really fell into place for me when I was introduced to RIE and learned to see children through the lens of the Educaring Approach. While working at a child care center that put the Approach into practice, I earned my Bachelor’s in Child Development at California State University, Los Angeles, and began my formal RIE training to help me be a more effective Infant/Toddler Master Lead Teacher in that program. In 2008, I shifted from the classroom to work directly for RIE in a predominately administrative role: organizing classes, running the Annual Conference, streamlining operations, and answering all calls and emails that came in. After 9 years in that role, I was ready to get back to my first love: teaching and working directly with parents and children. I teach all of RIE’s programs (Before Baby™, Nurturing Nanny™, Foundations: Theory and Observation™, and, of course, Parent-Infant Guidance™ classes) as well as offer private consultations and custom workshops and presentations for groups of parents and early care professionals alike.

Until March of 2020, I was joyfully sharing the Educaring Approach in classes at BINI Birth in Sherman Oaks. With the onset of Covid, I moved my practice online and and then outdoors. But in late 2022, I moved most of my classes into my home studio in Tarzana, where classes are held indoors and outdoors on my deck (and my toddler classes also explore the yard!).

In addition to these classes, I’m also RIE’s Executive Director. It’s been a big shift to come back to working in the office and more intimately with the RIE organization, but it’s a wonderful place to be…helping to share this amazing approach with the world. Take a moment and visit RIE’s website today!

And if you’d like to know what other parents think of me, you can check out my testimonials page.