Most prenatal classes teach you how to birth your baby…maybe how to do the first bath and the mechanics of diapering, if you’re lucky. Before Baby™ teaches you how to begin your relationship with your child from the very start.

Before Baby is a RIE® Certified Course, meaning the curriculum was curated by RIE Associates, and is for anyone expecting, waiting to adopt, or thinking about becoming a parent. The course covers

  • Preparing spaces for your child’s sleep and play
  • Diapering, bathing, and feeding your baby respectfully;
  • Synchronizing baby’s needs and parents’ wants;
  • What crying means and how to respond; and
  • Sleep, for parents and babies

Class duration is 6 hours of meeting time (reading, journaling, and reviewing films is done outside of class time), and is typically offered in 2 or 3 sessions, depending on what works best for you. Also included is a refresher/check-in when your child is a few weeks old to answer questions and touch base.

Course materials include a binder with articles, as well as links to review several RIE films.

The cost of the course is $400, and it is currently being offered online through Zoom.