I couldn’t ask for a more thoughtful and sensitive teacher than Melani. She exudes a warmth and compassionate energy that facilitates a comfortable and nurturing environment for babies and parents alike.My daughter’s face lights up as soon as we enter the building. RIE class with Melani is the highlight of our week. What a gift!

– Alexis P.

As a parent, you will often hear the saying “it takes a village”, it does and we are so grateful Melani is a part of ours. We met Melani when our oldest son was 3 months old. We knew we wanted to practice RIE but didn’t know how or where to begin. We enrolled in her parent infant class and had the most wonderful experience and made what we believe will be lifelong friends. Melani really cultivates a wonderful and warm environment. She is patient, gentle, loving and beyond helpful. Her advice is always spot on and exactly what We need to hear even if We don’t know it at the time. We are currently enrolled in our second parent infant class with our second son and will enroll again when we have our third. It really goes far beyond a class, Melani is a valuable and valued asset to our parenting team and we truly cherish her. 

– Michelle M.

“We bounced around between several RIE teachers until we found Melani.  She is gifted in describing the philosophy and techniques as an approachable ethic to parenting, both profitable for the child as well as the parent.  The best antidote we’ve found to the pervasive ethic of helicopter parenting.”

– Rachelle R.

I was truly fortunate to have met Melani at a time I really needed guidance, community, and reassurance as a mom of a 3 year old and an 8 month old infant. The time I spent at our RIE classes for the next two years after our first session was truly the most cherished and peaceful hours of my week, and I could see my baby felt the same…I came back home more regulated, peaceful, and connected with my family. I also met many connected, like-minded, wonderful moms who have become part of my village to raise my kids, whom I intend to keep as friends for many many more years to come. 

I cannot convey my deep gratitude to Melani enough, who made all this possible and is now a dear friend I wholeheartedly trust and adore. Melani is wise, experienced, and highly knowledgeable in child development, but above all I am most impressed with her kind heart, optimism, down-to-earth attitude, and empathy. She will be a friend for life…

– Odisse A.

Melani’s teaching method has made respectful parenting an accessible approach to parenting our (almost!) three year old. Our family has worked with Melani since our daughter was one years old. Our time together has allowed us to let go as parents and give our child independence and freedom to explore, create, and pave her own path on a daily basis. Melani and her work allowed our family to feel good about the ways in which we speak, address, and interact with one another as parents while also creating a respectful and enriching experience with our daughter. 

–Inara L.