Winter-Wear for Toddlers in LA

This list originated two or three years ago…a group of parents in one class were swapping tips on where they sourced winterwear for their babies and toddlers. It’s a tricky thing to nail down because we don’t need winter wear for many months here in LA (ducks the snowball someone in Upstate New York just threw), and babies and toddlers grow so dang quickly.

It occurred to me that if one group was asking, other parents were probably also looking for suggestions. So, I asked my newsletter list and boy, did they deliver! Every year since, I try to add a little to the list, so please don’t hesitate to send me your suggestions!

Recommended sites and shops:

  • H&M (Because they are Swedish they know about winter. They have puffer jackets and vests, snow and rain pants, mittens, hats…reasonably priced.)
  • Nova Natural (especially for their wool and silk underclothes for babies, children, and adults…and ooh, their website has lots more than just clothes…watch out, you may get sucked in!)
  • A couple of mentions for Patagonia (yes, they are pricey and children grow fast, but their items are functional and they have a buy back program that gives you credit to new purchases as children grow out of their outwear. Note: items run small)
  • Primary for Babies and for Kids (So many colors, puffer vests, jackets, snowsuits, etc. And a great, affordable price)

Loved Items

  • H&M Tights (I have TWO referrals for H&M…thick, warm, & sustainably made)

Rain Pants Get their Own Category

(Yes, even in LA…dewy grass and damp playground equipment have nothing on these pants!)

Creative Suggestions

  • Someone suggested hand me downs from folks on this list! Yes, I’m happy to collect any hand me downs that parents want to contribute and bring them to classes or pass them on to families in need.
  • Parents helping Parents…Parents have posted on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist before and I’m happy to share those links!
  • Speaking of Facebook Marketplace, it can also be a great place to source clothes…be sure you’re talking to a real human though!

As mentioned at the top, please feel free to send me any updates and I will keep this list growing. I will have to make a note to self to do this for each season because this is such a fab list!

Thank you, and please note: any Amazon links on this page are linked to my Amazon Associates Account. Any purchases made with that link will give me a (very small) percentage back. Thank you!