Safe Spaces

My recent piece about trauma was one of my most-responded to articles to date. I expect one of the reasons it resonated is because we’re all feeling a bit traumatized these days. I know things are getting better, and everyone’s lives are normalizing, but there’s still a state of uncertainty for so many.

So today, instead of an article, I just have a question. Something for you to reflect on…

As a child, where was your ‘safe place’? That one place where you felt totally at home, protected, free from danger of any sort.

As an adult, have you found ways to replicate that place for yourself?

Building on that (okay, I can’t just ask a question, apparently), have you started to see your child carve out a safe place in your home? Of course, that is one of RIE’s 7 Basic Principles…creating a cognitively challenging, yet emotionally and physically safe space for children to play in and explore. That space grows as your child does, until it encompasses most of your home…but your child will find a spot or an object or a ritual or routine for safety and security. Do you see it yet?

And, of course, for parents of young children, you are that safe place. And, just like the safe place gradually growing at home, their definition of safe place will grow and diversify as they do…but a corner of their safety will always reside in you. It’s important that you take time to nourish and replenish yourself so you can continue to be that safe harbor for your child.