RIE in Real Life

It was another one of those Fridays where I had so many ideas bumping around in my head that I couldn’t settle on a single one to write on. Instead, I’m going to just do a quick love letter to my RIE spaces, and a round-up of resources!

First off, I had a few moments before a couple of my classes this week and couldn’t resist capturing my set up in two short videos: one video is of my set up for young babies …those who are still on their backs, rolling, or newly crawling. The other video is of a set up for very active toddlers. I’m excited to capture these moments in time because my space keeps evolving! You can find both videos on my YouTube page, and while you’re there, you can listen to some of my previous “RIE in Real Life” stories narrated by yours truly. If listening is more your thing and you’d like me to do more, please let me know.

I also stopped to take some photos of one of my RIE in the Wild classes last week. That’s right: while I’m thrilled to be teaching from my RIE studio in Tarzana, I still teach some “wild” classes around town.

Speaking of classes, I’m still interested in pulling together a RIE Parent Partner class. The idea for this class is that while my classes are always open to both parents, I know it’s not always possible for both to attend. And since I also know that I took a full 60-hour course in RIE, after a couple of years working in a center that practiced it, solely for the purpose of being able to explain it to people…and at the end of that course…I still couldn’t really explain it…I do know that trying to distill RIE to a partner can be challenging! This class will meet on Saturday afternoons, open to anyone with interest. And since, in my opinion, RIE is best learned experientially…it will be for parents and children. If this sounds like something you and your partner are interested in, please email me to get on the list!

Lastly, my weekly bookclubs are coming back…details coming soon, but if you’re interested in joining a group to slowly and thoughtfully discuss your way through a book, let me know!

Okay, on to some resources:

If you are in the Valley and considering preschool options for the Fall, you do not want to miss out on Caterpillar Cottage’s upcoming Open House on June 17th (10-12)! Their open houses are a great way to get to know their program, their teachers, and some families in their community. You will have an opportunity to connect directly with teaching staff while your child explores and plays. Be sure to RSVP with Heather at heather@caterpillarcottage.com.

I also wanted to share my annual Travel Resources.pdf guide…it’s a list that I started a couple of years ago…ideas and tips culled from parent suggestions. Since Summer travel is upon us, I figured this would be timely for so many of you planning getaways! And, as always, I want this to be a living document…if you have a tip or suggestions, please let me know. I want to grow this document!

And lastly, a throwback…remember when these newsletters were called RIE Wins? Well, I had a win today that I have to share. A parent, brand new to RIE, came to his first class today. The topic of sharing came up, and I briefly explained that RIE (and I) want children to learn sharing from the inside out. Rather than being told/directed/managed from above, the goal is for children to learn what it feels like and what it means to share. He got it immediately, saying that forcing children to share is like teaching to the test…memorizing what you need to pass a test and then immediately forgetting it. Exactly: I don’t want sharing and empathy to be performance art…I want them to be embodied. I think we all do.