My Vision

I came across RIE’s Vision Statement earlier this week, and even though I’ve been teaching RIE for over decade and have known about it for much longer, and I know I’ve seen it before, I felt like this re-reading of the statement really settled into my bones in a new way this time.

I think it could be because I’m in a growth period at the moment…several of my classes have ‘graduated’ as children scatter over the Valley (and Southern California) to start preschool and I’m starting ​new classes​, introducing a whole new group of parents to this life-changing and profound work.

Or it could be because, as I read the statement to myself, I personalized it by changing all of the we’s to I’s. When you read it like that, it feels less like a vision and more like a mission…a call to action.

See for yourself…

Through the Educaring Approach that honors infants and young children as equal members in relationships, I am dedicated to creating a culture of people who are authentic, resourceful and respectful.

My work is inspired by the natural integrity of infants and the formative power of relationships in their lives.

When allowed to unfold in their own way and in their own time, children discover, manifest and inspire the best in themselves and in others.

I am profoundly committed to sharing the opportunity to see infants with new eyes.

Thank you all for not only seeing your infants with new eyes, but sharing that vision with all the families you encounter out in this wide world.