Just a short email today to let you know about a wonderful resource for your family…it’s a children’s book written by a local preschool director who I know and very much respect. Called, Not forever, but for now, it is a simple picture book with a sweet, but honest narrative that talks about all the things that children may have lost during this time of safer at home, balanced so nicely with some of the joys that come with it. It talks about feelings children may be having, and changes they are experiencing, all the while echoing that refrain of “not forever, but for now.” Honestly, I felt better after I read it. I think it is a wonderful book for families not only now as children are grappling with and processing what we’ve all experienced, but also for when this is all over…something they can use to help them reflect back. You can get it on Amazon.

If you get it, I’d love to hear what you think and what your children think.

And along the same lines….

Not Everything is Cancelled