I Hosted a Webinar!

A year ago, I barely knew what a webinar was. This week, I hosted one. What a long, strange year it’s been (webinars are the least of it, I know)!

It all started when I saw a trusted colleague recommend a Facebook Live discussion about sibling conflict. I thought to myself, “what’s the number one question I get from parents of more than 2 children? Yeah…I’m going to this.”

Not every webinar I sit in on is a winner.

This one was.

I was electrified and excited. I actually wrote “THIS IS RIE!” in my notes. I bought the book the very same day.

What book?

And, “because covid”, I actually had time to read it. And take copious notes. And write about it. My writing led my trusted colleague to connect me with the author, and we talked about doing a webinar together.

We talked about it because I’d never attempted such a thing. Zoom calls? Sure. A webinar? Yikes! But we kept talking and I kept loving the book. I even had a book club for it. So…we went for it. It was great! But I’ll let the audio speak for itself (if you prefer a video version, please email me):